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FFXII Doujinshi - Fatherland

Well I did tell you this was almost done. Also it's not terribly texty, so that helps.

I like this one - you all know how starved I am for anything Balthier, much less Balthier + Cid, on a given day - but man, this portrays the Bununsa's as WAY MORE well-adjusted than I like them being. If it wasn't short and sweet and I wasn't running low on FFXII I dunno if I'd've bothered.

Maybe the remaster will prompt new FFXII doujins.... a girl can dream, right?

Next Up: Dunno... still unemployed and scannerless, so. Doujinshi of some variety.

Fate/Strange Fate - Chapter 8

So I clearly wasn't kidding when I said chapters not involving Gilgamesh took me way longer, eh? It feels like last chapter blew the budget, and as a consequence this chapter was a bunch of talking heads... ah, well. It's done, now. (Though with no small amount of complaining, as my twitter followers can attest)

In vaguely related news, my scanner up and died on me, which means that I won't be able to scan anything new - ie, Fate/Strange Fake and El Shaddai - until I get a new one. And if you follow me on Twitter or whathaveyou, you'll know I'm currently unemployed, so... not altogether sure when that'll happen. In the mean time, I'll be focusing on finishing up doujinshi projects and whatnot that need typesetting. There's more than the In Progress page would have you believe.

And in a completely unrelated note, I updated the For Sale page! Just a few new ones, but there you have it.

Oh, hey, a new scanner's only, like, £30! Imagine that! If only a few of you bought some doujinshi, I could get a new scanner~ What a coincidence~

Also! I redid the manga/doujinshi page layouts - less liable for breakage, now. But if you see anything that looks wonky, lemme know! Or if you hate it, or love it, or whatever. I live for feedback!

Next Up: Probably that FFXII doujinshi I got halfway done.

Dark Avengers Doujinshi - I Said Stop It, Idiot

Man, I was THIS CLOSE to having this with a Valentine's release. And wouldn't that have been appropriate?

Okay, so I know I said it would be Fate/Strange Fake, but the next chapter is so irrelevant to my interests omg. I literally cannot articulate how much I didn't care how a person goes about getting the title 'Lord' in the Fate-verse. Or the history of the El Melloi family. But now I know! (Waver fans will be pleased, though.) And I really could do without that.

So between that and my being struck by a mood (that is, seeing the trailers for Logan and getting REALLY PUMPED ABOUT IT. I can't decide between being excited about that shot in the trailers with Too Many Claws, or terror that the only unknown male character in the trailers is the whitest dude), I ended up finishing this guy. As always, it's excellent.

It's also the second-last one I have - the second last one the group has done - and looking at the next one I don't think there's gonna be more. :((((( The next one's in Daken's POV, though, so look forward to that!

Next Up: Fate/Strange Fake? Hopefully.

El Shaddai Ceta - Chapter 1

And we're back! I bet all of you missed El Shaddai as much as I did, am I right? Ceta's looking to be way more fun than Exodus, too - but I'm biased, it's mostly from Lucifel's perspective, so of course I'm pleased.

Next Up: I suppose I'll start on the next Fate/Strange Fake? Though I might get a couple pages of that F/GO doujinshi in the meantime.

DBZ Doujinshi - Love Summer

So I hadn't forgotten about this doujinshi - it was always lurking in the back of my mind - but I had forgotten that I'd had all the preliminary typesetting done, and that all it needed was tweaks. So that was a pleasant surprise.

My plan had been to get a decent start on this GORGEOUS Fate/Grand Order doujinshi I've got (and I have gotten a somewhat decent start), then start on El Shaddai Ceta, but I figured I'd polish off this one, and, well... That happened a lot sooner than I'd planned.

Also, loving the new layout. SO MUCH easier to update. You guys have any opinions?

Next Up: I suppose I'll start on El Shaddai Ceta! Though I might still putter away at that F/GO doujinshi.

Fate Strange Fake - Chapter 8

And here we are! New year, new layout. And how fitting, a fate release focusing on Gilgamesh when I stole the new colour scheme from him? A bit simpler, in the long run, but I wanted a bit more freedom as to the download pages, and I wanted previews back. Missed those.

That said, this layout does seem a good deal more... breakable than the last. It's all working fine so far as I can tell (though I can tell you, it does have problems with reloading; click a given link again if you wanna reload), but lemme know if anyone has any problems.

I also got rid of the individual updates - I only had them for individual comments, and it's not like anyone was using them.

Oh! And the forum's gone. It was super broken, plus no one used it, and we've got the disqus now, so.

I think that's it! Let me know if you have any thoughts, comments, opinions, problems, whatever. Opinions affect future updates!

Next Up: Doujinshi! Haven't decided which yet, but I've definitely earned it.

Fate Strange Fake - Chapter 7

Well, I did warn you it would be a while.

But here we are! The final chapter of volume one, which means volume two: where shit gets interesting, is just around the corner!

Next Up: I'm going to switch my focus to getting the new site up - it's been sitting at about 80% complete for MONTHS - but once that's done it'll either be a doujinshi or the next FSF chapter, as a special treat to myself.

El Shaddai - Chapter 13

Here we are! The final chapter. Final time elapsed... Two years, seven months. Nnngh.

Anyways, I mention it in the comments of the chapter, but now that Another Exodus is done, I'll be taking a teeny-tiny hiatus from El Shaddai before starting Ceta - If by some miracle I finish the next chapter of Fate before my move, I don't wanna dig out Ceta just to pack it up again. In all honesty, I doubt it'll be any more of a break than usual (My move's in a little under three weeks), but still.

On that note, check out the sales page! Less I have to move, the better.

Next Up: Fate? Probably?

Fate Strange Fake - Chapter 5

Do you think it's more that FSF takes me for-fucking-ever, or that it lines up with when my life gets really busy...?

Well, either way, cosplay season is done! For the moment. So releases should get back on track! Plus the next couple chapters of FSF are the one's I've been WAITING for, so that should help. And we're due to polish off El Shaddai!

That said, I did hand in my notice the other day, and I'm due to move up north next month, so life'll still be busy, it'll just be a little more... focused. After that, it depends on the progress of the job hunt, I guess. SHRUG.

Next Up: El Shaddai? Or maybe that DBZ doujishi I keep talking about.

El Shaddai - Chapter 12

And we're very nearly done! Just one chapter left to go - and then I'll start doing that other El Shaddai series, yay~

Next Up: I've already started scanning/translating Fate/Strange Fake, but it's... long, and texty, as Fate/Strange Fake is, so it'll probably take me a bit. Expect that one DBZ doujinshi in the meantime!