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For Sale

Welcome to the for sale section! Here's where I sell doujinshi that I have little/no intention of translating. I figure they should be enjoyed, rather than just sitting in boxes until the end of time! And keep checking back- I'm always adding new things, and every once in a while I'll throw a sale!

If you're interested in anything, just click Add to Cart - don't worry, it doesn't look it, but it'll take you straight to paypal. Any questions/concerns/something doesn't look right, just email me!

I'm afraid I only accept Paypal, though!


-I ship, at the latest, the following Tuesday from your purchase date. I'll try and hit up the post office earlier if I can, but sometimes I don't have a chance until then. If, however, you need it ASAP (it's a gift or something) just let me know and I'll make an extra effort!

-I send them in a small bubble envelope, with some cardboard backing to try and prevent bending. I don't have any slip covers though! Sorry.

-Smoke/Pet free home, plus none of these have been through the scanner, so they're pretty much mint!

-Lastly: My goal here is to make space more than it is to make money, so I'm more than open to offers! As long as I break even, I'm happy.


Because Paypal is stupid and doesn't let me set shipping by destination, please add your shipping destination to the cart before you check out!


Anywhere else, just ask and I'll find out!
Also, these prices are for the lowest priced/slowest delivery option, but if you want them faster, just ask and I can quote you something.