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Odoru Baculogypsina

Series: Fate/Extra CCC

Pairing: Gilgamesh/Hakuno

18+: Yes

Cosmic Take Off

Series: Fate/Extra CCC

Pairing: Gilgamesh/Hakuno

18+: No

Under My Feet

Series: DMC Devil May Cry

Pairing: Dante/Vergil

18+: Yes

Saiai no Tomo (A Beloved Friend)

Series: Fate/General

Pairing: Gilgamesh/Enkidu

18+: Yes

These are the series I'm open to suggestion from. I've put the specific pairings/characters I'm interested, but I'm generally very open to - if not very quick with - suggestions of any kind for these, so it never hurts to ask! This list is hardly all-inclusive.
-Breath of Fire IV
Fou-Lu centric

-Legend of Zelda

Bakura or Thief King centric.

-Final Fantasy XII
Balthier Balthier Balthier. And Fran.

-Final Fantasy VII
Vincent centric.


-Tales of Vesperia
Yuri centric.

-Tales of Symphonia
Kratos centric.

-Tales of the Abyss
Asch centric. Asch/Luke, Asch/Natalia if it's not boring.

-Tales of Xillia
Gaius-centric, Milla's awesome too.

-Castlevania: LOS

-El Shaddai
Lucifel/Enoch, Lucifel-centric,

-Devil May Cry
Specifically hunting for DMC5, but anything Vergil-centric is nice.

-Fate/Stay Night
Gilgamesh, Lancer-centric.


-Fate/Extra CCC
Gilgamesh, duh, but I LOVE some Gilgames/Fem!Hakuno.

-Star Ocean 3

-Star Ocean 4
Arumat-centric, or Faize/Lymle

Albedo-centric, Albedo/Jr. if it isn't excessively creepy.

-Arc the Lad 4
ANYTHING but Darc is my favorite.

-Black Blood Brothers

-Casshern: Sins
Dio Centric

-Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro

-Assassin's Creed

-Dragon Age
Fenris, Solas, or Cullen


Damian, family cuteness


Loki, Namor, Hawkeye, Jarvis. Not necessarily together, though that'd be awesome.

Gambit, Daken.

-Anything Marvel, really